Ignorance CAN be a bliss at times

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Published: 28 April, 2023

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If you are one of those people who are extremely stressed with the current state of things, hopefully this post can help you a bit.

Politics, war, tech industries, LLM’s, covid and climate change are topics that are everywhere. These things makes us feel like we are screwed. Just know that the news makes money on negative interactions. Just know that whatever happens to climate change and economy, we are all in this together. If you are worried about AI and LLM’s taking your job, look around. I can’t pin point a single thing that is working as it should. You have problems to solve. Solve them and you will be fine. Latest technologies amplifies the amount of things that we can do. But doesn’t mean we won’t have things to do. You will be fine. As long as you upskill, YOU WILL BE FINE! Things won’t be straight forward or easy. So talk to people. Anyone. Make a call. Be around people. Interactions can change everything. And just ignore the rest. Focus on yourself. Just ignore everything else. Ignorance IS bliss!

I have successfully stopped doom-scrolling social networking sites a few years ago to cut down the unnecessary noise. Recently I have also cut down on twitter and hacker news to cut the noise further. Not because I am oblivious to what’s happening around the world and the tech industry. But because after understanding the state of things knowing where I am right now, there is literally no point in consuming news/stories that are similar. Irrespective of whether it is slightly positive or entirely negative. Cutting down noise and disruptions are key. Cos otherwise this messes up you day-to-day progress and growth. So ignore. We have this fantastic superpower called the ability to forget. Use it. Ignoring is fine in this case. Take a deep breath and ignore. Enjoy the bliss. Focus and double down on yourself. Did I say ignorance is bliss?

Feel free to reach out in case you want somebody to discuss things. While I prefer email (unsungnovelty at protonmail dot com), I can come to twitter dm’s @unsungnovelty. I will keep an eye on dm’s and emails. Replies will be only delayed until our first interaction due to my workload.

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