Hi! My name is Nikhil.

My interests include open-source, software development, cybersecurity, books, arts and fountain pens.

I like to learn new things and approach a problem from bottom to top for creating a better, stable solution. Also an idea hamster who likes to coin ideas to issues for which the solutions are often overlooked or misunderstood.

Professionally, I have worked…

  • As an IT Specialist, handling IT infrastructure and security of an organisation.
  • Data analyst, crunching geospatial data and numbers while leading 6 member team of a feedback pipeline.
  • QA Analyst, working with network devices making sure orders and services flow threw them smoothly for telecom services.


I am always open to to new challenges. If you want to contact me, do drop a mail or DM me on Twitter as they are the fastest ways to reach me.


Information about license of the contents or anything related to license can be found at license page.

Versioning scheme

My website pages wherever necessary uses Chronological versioning scheme (ChronVer) by Paul Anthony Webb to inform the reader(you) when the webpage was last updated. Read more about it from https://chronver.org/.


Privacy is not a premium feature. This website doesn’t track you. It also doesn’t host any ads that are intrusive or disrespectful to your online experience.


This website uses Hugo bundled with Cocoa Enhanced theme with Netlify. Am already working on a Hugo theme for my website. Until it is finished, hello Cocoa EH!


All the features of this website works without the need of Javascript to be enabled in your web browser. So if you’re a person who don’t want to load JS, the typography will be slightly less appealing among some other things. But the website will works well nonetheless.


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