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Hi! My name is Nikhil.

I am a tech enthusiast who likes learn more and focus on data, information accessibility and security. Working on solutions or learning to do/build things with a focus on any of the above three areas excites me. I like focusing on fixing the root problem and thinking bottom-up while “doing it the right way”.

Contact me..

I am always open to to new challenges. Contact me through Twitter or Email with Twitter DM being the fastest way to reach me.

About this website..


Information about license of the contents or anything related to license can be found at license page.


“Brahma” is a Hugo static site generator theme used by this website and created by me. It is currently in it’s infancy but will be stable when the version number becomes “v1.0” (See the text in the footer to know the current version). Do DM me at @unsungNovelty if you have any feedback or if you want to buy my theme.


This website uses Hugo bundled with Brahma Theme created by me. Netlify is behind the scenes.


Privacy shouldn’t be a premium feature. So I made sure I have only used a basic site analytics which is Open Source and privacy friendly called Goat counter. It is minimal and privacy friendly enough to be GDPR friendly without the need for a GDPR consent notice to be shown to the user as far as I understand.

I have thought of adding server side analytics like Netlify analytics which would be much more accurate with analytics and will probably be privacy friendly. But server side analytics is still analytics and without the end user having a say in whether to be counted or not. Goat counter is yet another client side analytics platform which can be easily blocked by the end user making sure users have a say in whether to be counted or not. I found it more respectful to the end user. Also, I am still experimenting on whether I should have analytics on this site or not. So this isn’t permanent yet. The only reason for analytics to be present is just to make sure I am not sharing things into the void. Not to get the accurate number of folks visiting the website.

While I am not digging deeply into GDPR anytime soon since this is a small personal website, if you think I am violating GDPR somehow, do write to me at unsungnovelty at pm dot me. Do expect a delay in response. But I will try to find a solution for your query.