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Updated: 12 October, 2023


Nikhil is a web developer with interests in information security, web development, data analysis, unix systems and open source software. He is currently working as a full stack developer at HMI Tech. Previously, he was taking care of security and IT operations at Mapbox for 7 different time zones. Before moving to Security and IT at Mapbox, he was a geospatial data analyst at Mapbox. He was leading the end user’s feedback pipeline along with data analysis. This involved data analysis while working with teams across the organisation like engineering, sales, business etc. He started his career at Tech Mahindra as a QA Analyst. Working with orders and network equipments (Think big Huawei and Cisco network equipments which fills a whole room).

What’s does the name “unsung novelty” mean?

We humans are all unique. People with a lot of unique characteristics, perspectives, skills or thoughts. But we also have a lot in common. Common things helps us humans work together. While our unique characteristics sets us apart. The name “unsung novelty” comes from the thought of sharing my own unique thoughts and potential with people whom I have a lot of common things with.

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I am always open to to new challenges. Contact me through Email.

  • Email - unsungnovelty at protonmail dot com

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Checkout the license page.


The theme used is called “Brahma”. It was created by me specifically for this website. But my friend ArkArjun started using it as well thereby becoming my only “stakeholder”.


This website uses Hugo bundled with Brahma Theme created by me. Netlify is behind the scenes.


Privacy shouldn’t be a premium feature. So I made sure I have only used a basic site analytics which is Open Source and privacy friendly called Goat counter. It is minimal and privacy friendly enough to be GDPR friendly without the need for a GDPR consent notice to be shown to the user as far as I understand. The only reason for analytics to be present in this website is to make sure I am not sharing into the void. Not to get the accurate number of folks visiting the website.

While I am not digging deeply into GDPR anytime soon since this is a small personal website, if you think I am violating GDPR somehow, do write to me at unsungnovelty at pm dot me. Do expect a delay in response. But I will try to find a solution for your query.