Brahma is a Hugo static site generator theme. The goal of the theme is to accomodate my blogging needs and to provide a platform to share my work and thoughts. It is build to be fast, minimal and accessible.

Technologies used

  • HTML5
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Hugo

Design decisions

  • Build for the long term.
  • Aesthetics over over-engineering.
  • Functionality over aesthetics
  • Avoid unnecessary dependencies.
  • Lighthouse scores are just the start.
  • Maximum performance without compromising on funcionality and aesthetics.
  • Least amount of JavaScript necessary.

History at the beginning used Cocoah-Enhanced as it’s theme. Brahma was born out of necessity to accomodate my needs for performance and functionalities. So far there has been 4 major iterations for Brahma.

Images of each of the Brahma iterations so far.

Is Brahma open source?

No. This is to reduce the scope of the features and to make it easy to maintain - for now. As I get more time, I might make it open source.